Meet DeliverElli, Llanelli town centre’s brand-new electric cargo bike delivery scheme!  

Ymlaen Llanelli is proud to bring you our new delivery scheme, available for free for all town centre businesses! Get products delivered straight from businesses to customers’ doors with our e-cargo bike and delivery rider, completely free of charge for both businesses and customers.

We’ve been able to launch this scheme following our successful partnership application to the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund, with Llanelli Town Council and Carmarthenshire County Council as our partners.

With DeliverElli, town centre businesses can offer a free delivery service to their customers – whether it’s an order of lunch for a local office, or a delivery of fruit and veg that’s too heavy to carry home, DeliverElli is here for you.

The process is simple: customers buy from a business, whether in person or over the phone; businesses book out our rider's time to make the delivery; our rider turns up, picks up the order and delivers it. Sorted!

Customers can also now drop off their purchases to our delivery hub at On Your Bike on Stepney Street, and our rider will pick it up in a jiffy and get it home to you.

The service is available on weekdays, and can be used for customers who live anywhere within a three-mile radius with some leeway for the outer boundaries – but we’re willing to go a bit extra if the road is flat!

As this is a pilot scheme, there may well be some bumps along the way, but regardless of any issues we hope it will help bring our town centre businesses closer to their customers.

Finally, we'd like to say a big thank you to On Your Bike for all their help with the bike upkeep and expertise. We couldn't do it without you!

Who's involved?

So far we have a handful of businesses signed up, listed below, but when you're shopping in person just look out for the DeliverElli poster in businesses' windows or at the counter!

Participating businesses include:

  • Angie's Baby Cwtch
  • Beachside Coffee Shop
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Cozi Cafe
  • Craftastic
  • Gegin Fach
  • Hwyl
  • Jelfs
  • Llanelly House
  • Lolek Delicatessen
  • Marzano's Caffe Bar
  • Michelle's
  • Mizpah
  • Mr & Mrs Phillips Fruit & Veg
  • On Your Bike
  • Sewards
  • Siop Y Pentan
  • Solid Gold
  • Specsavers
  • Step by Step
  • Taste of Thailand
  • The Pet Pantry
  • The Welsh Diner
  • Ty Hafan
  • Wilko
  • YMCA
  • Yours

Current availability:

  • Mondays and Tuesdays, on call from 10am to 1pm
  • Wednesdays through Fridays, 10am to 3pm
  • Unavailable on Bank Holidays

Check back for updates as more businesses join over the coming weeks. If you run a town centre business and would like to take part in the scheme, please get in touch.

What are the terms and conditions?

Businesses must contact our rider to book with DeliverElli. Customers cannot book with DeliverElli - businesses must book for them. Our rider's contact details can be found in your business guide and FAQ.

Delivery addresses must be within a three-mile radius of the business. Businesses must organise their own delivery services for deliveries required outside of the three-mile radius.

All businesses are to be given equal access and fair chance to book the service; each business can only book the bike for a reasonable amount of time per week.

Customers must pay their bill in advance, whether over the phone or in person at business premises. Our rider will not accept payment for businesses.

The service is to be used for deliveries of a reasonable spend – please do not use the service to deliver one can of coke!

Customers must provide instructions for a safe location in the case that they aren’t at home at the time of delivery. DeliverElli will not reattempt delivery.

Valuable items will not be left unattended whilst our rider is delivering other items. Our rider will take a photo upon successful delivery, and will also be recording via a front- and rear-view cycle helmet camera at all times.

Please take photos of any fragile items before they are to be delivered. If fragile items are broken during transit, DeliverElli will accept full responsibility.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and abuse (physical and verbal). The DeliverElli service will be made unavailable to those who contravene this policy – this applies to businesses and customers.


We'd love to get your feedback on the DeliverElli scheme, so please do fill out the following short feedback form. You can return your completed form to - every piece of feedback will help us inform the future of the scheme, so please do let us know what you think.

DeliverElli feedback form


Information for businesses

We have how-to guides available for all businesses taking part in the scheme - paper copies have been delivered, but if you would like a digital version please do get in touch. If you would like to find out more or need help with our booking system, please email

This scheme is run by Ymlaen Llanelli and funded by the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund. The trial period for this scheme ends on 30th June, and will hopefully be extended if more funding can be secured.

Ymlaen Llanelli is set up, funded and run by Llanelli town centre businesses. To find out more about what we do, please see our about page.

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